IPage Hosting Overview

iPage offers a one-stop solution for those who need web design, website development and hosting services. The company has been inactive for many years and was restored in October 2009. The new iPage is now headed by a completely updated team that provides everything you need to start a website. That includes hosting, site management, e-mail hosting, domain registration, e-commerce services, scripts for websites, as well as internet marketing.

My review of iPage. How do i host iPage?

Hosting period Price
plan for 12 months $ 2.50 / month **
plan for 24 months $ 1.89 / month *
Specifications Details
Disk space Unlimited but
Traffic per month Unlimited
Account Domains Unlimited
Free domain Yes
Website Builder Yes
FTP accounts Unlimited
Email Features Details
Email accounts Unlimited
Email to send Unlimited
Answering machine Unlimited
Spam protection Yes
Web interface Yes
eCommerce Details
osCommerce Yes
Agora Shopping Yes
Zen Shopping Cart Yes
ShopSite Online Yes
Paypay embedding Yes
SSL server Yes
PGP / GPG encryption Yes
Programs / Plugins Details
Perl 5 Yes
PHP 5 Yes
Python Yes
Mailing engines Yes
mySQL Unlimited
Ruby / Ruby on Rails Yes
Javascript / dhtml Yes
SimpleScripts (CMS installation for 1 click) Yes
Forum engines Yes
Gallery engines Yes
Payment Methods Details
Credit card Yes
Paypal Yes
Warranty Details
Full refund Indefinitely

I am very lucky that I am familiar with one of the top managers of iPage, who provided a free account for testing. It’s amazing that everything on iPage works perfectly. The server is stable and fast loading, support responds instantly to a request in the chat, and the set of additional features is just impressive. It is worth noting that iPage provides a huge list of services that will help you save money.

What is good about hosting iPage?

Money back guarantee at any time

IPage’s huge advantage is their “Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.” If you are familiar with the American hosting industry, then you know that most companies provide only 30 – 45 days of the trial period. At iPage, you can claim a full or proportional refund if you cancel your account at any time during the paid period.

In other words, you do not risk when you buy iPage hosting. At any time, when you do not like something in their service, you can simply cancel your hosting account and ask for a refund. This is a very big plus!

 iPage – hosting since 1998

No doubt iPage is very young compared to other hosting companies in the USA. However, her youth will not confuse you! The company is headed by a group of industry veterans and we can only expect excellent work from them. I know that this sounds a bit biased, but I am familiar with one of the top iPage managers, Paul Buhovko. I am absolutely confident in his ability to be responsible for the development of a huge hosting company.

(By the way, Paul is also responsible for the success of FatCow.)

 Exclusive offer from Google, Carbonite, VeriSign and RatePoint

Another good thing about iPage hosting is that the company forms partnerships with several industry leaders, including brands such as Google and Carbonite. iPage users receive numerous exclusive offers, of which several can be distinguished. For example, free 2GB of backup space for Carbonite (a big plus!), 60 days of a free trial version of RatePoint (a mailing service like Smartresponder), as well as an integrated Google version of a webmaster panel.

Quality customer support

Live chat support works fine (my last check was in March 2012) – I asked a few technical questions about Carbonite and the money back policy, all the answers to the questions were given professionally. I have never experienced the quality of phone support, therefore, I can not comment on this issue. The iPage website reports that their support, which won the Best Support award in June 2010, is based in North America (it happens that unscrupulous companies hire Indians, that is, residents of India, to provide cheap support for telephone, chat, etc. .).

 iPage = Green Hosting

IPage is credited with its greenness. The company’s data centers and offices are fully powered by clean energy. Thus, you can be sure that your website that is hosted on iPage does not leave carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

 Unlimited cheap hosting

In addition to all the benefits that I mentioned earlier, there is another huge plus for iPage – they are damn cheap! iPage offers unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic, unlimited domains per account, free domain for a year (a tiny plus sign) – and all this for $ 3.50 / month, if you buy hosting for 2 years!

What to fear?

Besides the fact that the company is new, I do not see any significant shortcomings of iPage. I will test their performance over the next few months, and you will immediately find out if something goes wrong.

IPage Special Offers

You can get the biggest “winnings” from iPage if you register via a special promotional link of $ 3.50 / month . In addition, you will receive special bonuses from iPage, which are quite exclusive.

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